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Georgia Summit

by Rachel on September 9, 2014 in Announcements

September 17-19:  Several IT staff, along with other VSU employees, will be attending this year’s conference in Augusta, Ga. The purpose of the conference, according to their site, is to facilitate interaction among users of all USG enterprise applications and services. The following presentations will be conducted by our very own IT staff and other related departments:

  • Brian Haugabrook (IT), Barrie Fitzgerald (IR), and Andy Clark (EMC): “Driving Student Success through Information Discovery”
  • Barrie Fitzgerald, Brian Haugabrook, and Andy Clark: “Data-Driven Student Portal for Improved Student Success”
  • Barrie Fitzgerald, Brian Haugabrook, and Andy Clark: “Improve Math Course Pass Rates through Math Placement”
  • Sterlin Sanders (IT), Benjamin Li (IT), Brian Haugabrook (IT): “Improving Institution Performance with Enhanced Second-Tier Services”
  • Jarrod Murray and Nikki Moore (eLearning): “A Constructivist Approach to Effective Online Strategies”
  • Vincent Spezzo (eLearning): “Gamification in GeorgiaVIEW: Using the Existing Brightspace by D2L”

May/June 2014 Super Techs

by Rachel on July 10, 2014 in Spotlight

 TSS Super Tech Award Recipients for May – June 2014
Technicians are assessed using a developed rubric emphasizing initiative, professionalism, quality of work, reliability, and uniqueness. Recipients of the award receive a certificate and a $25 gift card.

Image of Clint Cauley                              Image of Matt Flannigan
Clint Cauley
, Student Tech                            Matt Flannigan, Lead Tech



January/February 2014 Super Techs

by Rachel on March 18, 2014 in Spotlight

TSS Assistant Director, Sterlin Sanders, has implemented a new employee recognition program for his area aptly titled the “TSS Super Tech Award.”
Technicians are assessed using a developed rubric emphasizing initiative, professionalism, quality of work, reliability, and uniqueness. Recipients of the award receive a certificate and a $25 gift card.

Taray L. Eady
Taray L. Eady
Top Lead Technician
Taray is a lead technician that performs at the level of a full-time IT staff member. He consistently conducts himself in a professional manner and applies a strong initiative towards handling IT business transactions within Inventory Management. Outside of IT, he is one of the co-founders of the popular mobile app Blazer Nation, which has accumulated over 4000 downloads in less than a year.

Edward C. Lawson
Edward C. Lawson
Top Student Technician
Chad is student technician that has been employed with us for only a year and half but performs at the level of a four-year veteran. He’s a quick thinker with the ability to resolve the most advanced technological issues by using self-guided troubleshooting skills. Chad is always willing to pitch in and help out in other areas of TSS. Outside of IT, Chad is the vice president of the prominent on-campus group Media Arts Geniuses. At the recent Harper Hill event (50 Years of Integration) at the Student Union, his group created a video documentary of the movie actor’s work, which was personally recognized as a job well done by Harper himself.

Quotes (edited) by Sterlin Sanders. Original picture (edited) by Jeff Shipley.