TSS Super Tech Award Winners

Asian business man flying on binary number. Fast internet access concept

On November 4, TSS announced its Super Tech Award recipients during its bi-monthly student tech pizza party. Winners received a certificate and $25 cash reward for their outstanding efforts in exhibiting reliability, initiative, professionalism, uniqueness, and quality of work. Previous TSS Super Tech Award Winners have used this recognition to strengthen their résumé and …

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Get to Know TSS: Asset Management!


Asset Management also referred to as Inventory Control, is a small yet viable and productive area staffed by Technical Support Asset Manager Wade Bugby, Technical Support Associate Markaysa Robinson, and current Student Assistants Anthony Jamal Wright, Anthony Schumate, Chloe Kimble, and Micheal Anderson who provide invaluable support. When new technology …

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VSU IT has Super Student Techs!

tss certificate

  Pictured from bottom to top: Caleb Epps (Desktop Support), Ed Leal (Classroom Support), Landon Lamb (N. Campus TRU), Jonathan McCraney (Asset Management), Steven Obst (TRU).   This award is based on the ratings by all TSS Supervisors for student techs that show outstanding efforts of reliability, initiative, professionalism, uniqueness, …

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