Teamwork is the Best Work

December 13, 2018, was a huge day for camaraderie in the Division of Information Technology. As children, we are encouraged to play to strengthen our creativity, build problem-solving skills, and improve communication.  As we grow up, we are encouraged to stop “playing” and focus on work.  However, the work we do as a Division tends to use creativity and communication to solve problems. The goal of this team building activity is to harness the power of fun to work on these skills together.

The day started off with leader, Sterlin Sanders, giving a rundown on the rules and the division of teams. First, it was supervisors versus student assistants. Talk about a fiery way to start the day. After several minutes of play, the supervisor team came out on top.staff team building event

That didn’t deter the student assistants though. They came back for round two with just as much spirit as they had in the beginning.

One thing that can be said about the Division of Information Technology staff, and students, is that their energy remained consistent and a bond between everyone was surely formed. At the end of the day, the event caused us to be closer as a team, which will benefit the campus as a whole. Go Blazers!


Here are some action shots: