I Caught You Caring: August 2019

A Candle loses nothing by lighting another Candle – James Keller

The “I Caught You Caring” program was developed in 2004 as part of the Partners for Campus Excellence initiative. The program was developed to acknowledge those individuals who provide exceptional service. As one member of the implementation committee states, the goal is “to encourage and reward employees who go out of their way to make that personal connection with the people they are here to help.”

Last month, four of our own were recipients of this lovely honor:

Tyler Angelier, IT

The Solutions Center is always looking for opportunities to improve operational efficiency with technology and Mr. Tyler Angelier has done an amazing job providing us applications tailored to the needs and goals of our team. Tyler meets our app specifications and he goes above and beyond to ensure our tools are both sustainable and intuitive. Thank you, Tyler for working hard to make our jobs easier and for being available to assist even during this busy time of year.

Wade Bugby, IT

I have had the pleasure of working with Wade multiple times in the last month on two projects. He is consistent, cheerful, and has managed a quick turnaround for every request. His responsiveness has played a major role in helping my team meet our project goals.

Wes Duke, IT

Wes has always provided the necessary information and service when I have requested assistance. This week, I was struggling to work out the technical details for a project with an upcoming deadline, and he was able to set up an operating system image for testing within a few minutes of my request after discussing possible options for configuration. I truly appreciate his work.

David Pulliam, IT

I would like to commend David Pulliam not only for today but for all of the times we have worked with him for assistance on new or on-going projects. He always listens intently, provides helpful feedback and suggestions, and genuinely cares to get you the best help he and IT can provide. He has never complained or dismissed any requests, but always tries to gain a better understanding of the desired end result and provide a solution. If he can’t provide one immediately he gives you a temporary alternative and updates on progress, until he can resolve the issue, which he does in a timely manner. It is always a pleasure to work with him, and yes that is his job, but the attitude and respectful manner in which he does it is exemplary and always appreciated.