VSU Information Technology would like you to have a few things in mind as you travel for spring break.


  • Don’t lose sight of your valuables; keep them on your person.
  • Don’t use public WiFi. Anyone can log on to it and steal information. Cellular data is a much safer option.
  • Call your credit and debit card company before you travel outside of your normal spending areas. If they are alerted, your card isn’t as likely to be frozen for suspected fraud.
  • Be prepared with a backup payment option.
  • Store your bank and credit card phone number in your phone and wallet in case you have to cancel a lost or stolen card.
  • Make sure to have protection on your phone: a 6-digit pin, password, pattern, or biometric option (fingerprint, facial, or iris).
  • Enable a geolocation app (Apple Find My, Google Find My Device, etc.) on your mobile devices to track them if they are lost or stolen.
  • Learn more about keeping your online data protected by visiting VSU Information Security site.

Comic Transcript – March 10, 2020

A Rather Unfortunate Break
By Luke Edmondson, VSU Information Technology

Character 1: Hey, Alice. How was your break?

Alice: Well, I went to a bar after I got to the city. When I went to pay, I couldn’t use my credit card. The transaction was flagged as fraud.

Alice: I left the bar and found out that someone had broken into my car. My laptop and most of my clothes were stolen. I then went to my hotel.

Alice: Despite my phone warning me that I was connecting to an insecure network, I connected to the hotel WiFi to check my bank account since my credit card was frozen.
Alice: The next morning, when I went to pay for my breakfast, my debit card got refused but luckily I had cash on me.

Alice: However, I left my phone at the table when I went to pay and when I came back, it was gone.

Alice: Since I didn’t have my phone or laptop, I went to an ATM to check my bank transactions. I found out that someone else logged in and transferred all the money out of my checking account!

Character 1: I guess you could say that you had a rough break.

Character 1: So you don’t have such an unfortunate break, take a look at the recommendations I shared with Alice below.