Women’s History Month

Valdosta State University Information Technology wants to thank all of our female IT workers and celebrate the accomplishments of all women. The VSU IT Communication and Support Department has created a ‘Then and Now’ presentation that highlights the achievements of influential women in STEM and some of our female IT staff.

*Due to restraints of the blog website the links on the presentation are not able to be clicked. They have been added below for ease of access.
Ada Lovelace – https://youtu.be/J7ITqnEmf-g
Florence Nightingale – https://youtu.be/B94Zf4Vye3Y
Grace Hopper – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meeCAFacrG0
Hedy Lamarr – https://youtu.be/_rlXHNeQD-s
Joan Clarke – https://youtu.be/5y-0eq5GOSY
Katherine Johnson – https://youtu.be/nKxgieXQ82w
Roberta Bondar – https://youtu.be/S2b4wyjXGO4
Radia Perlman – https://youtu.be/9HpvMBuA1XU

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