Planning Your Career (With VSU IT)

On Thursday, February 24th, VSU’s Career Opportunities and Volunteer Services hosted a CODE RED workshop on the topic “Planning My Career.” According to Phenix Culbertson, a VSU student career counselor, these workshops are hosted a few times a semester and include the “provision of resources, insight, and networking opportunities for students” hoping to promote future career preparedness. VSU IT was excited to receive the collaboration invite and is proud of Chief Information Security Officer Gary Miller and Chief Information Officer Kevin Overlaur for speaking to the students during this workshop.

CIO Kevin Overlaur (right) and CISO Gary Miller (left) talking with attendees

Overlaur feels that events like CODE RED allow “students with diverse majors to get a perspective from professionals on how our story and careers could possibly be lessons that each participant could use, at least in part, to be better prepared for their career choices.” During the meeting, the CIO and CISO talked about their own experiences in technology and leadership focusing on career readiness. Overlaur states that he

was very impressed with the thought-provoking questions from the student participants” and felt that “there were very exciting and promising goals that each student had after their time at VSU is finished.

The IT division looks forward to participating in future CODE RED events as well as continually providing on-the-job training opportunities through student employment, internships, and graduate assistantships. You may visit our website at to search for current job openings.